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I'm seriously on the verge of melting down.

I ate super bad today so I'm really upset about that, and I get my bar rests in a couple of hours and that makes me want to throw up. I'm going to force myself to sleep.

We filmed the top secret wedding video today, it is awesome.

I keep thinking about results, then I cry a lite, then Bryan calms me down. This is awful.

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It's About Time.

The bar exam is in a little over two weeks.

I've decided that it's about fucking time I believe in myself. After 25 years on this earth I continually prove myself wrong. I am intelligent damnit! I can do this. I've survived 4 years of college, three years of law school, and I'm going to kick this tests' ass.

The End.

A Full Day

Found out yesterday Julius is afraid of flowers. What kind of cat is AFRAID of flowers. He cowered and howled until we put them upstairs and the smell went away.

Started bar prep yesterday.

Went to an AMAZING Wildcard show tonight, he opened for Brotha Lynch Hung. I helped Bryan with the filming for his upcoming documentary.

Doing another sitting tomorrow. No idea what Jason will be doing, guaranteed it's going to hurt like a mother fucker.

Got to go bed, I have class tomorrow.

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I can see it.

I'm laying in bed right now. I start Bar Prep tomorrow. I feel like the tower is in sight. It never was about passing the bar or getting to the tower. It's about how I got here.

FYI finished the Dark Tower series last night. It's amazing, proud to have "Oriza" on my arm.

Back on my modified South Beach Diet tomorrow. Fell off the wagon today, but I'll jump back on.

Already signed up for the Half Marathon in Portland on Aug 6. Need to get in 3 miles tomorrow for my training.

Had my third and final grad party tonight, it was wonderful. All of my parties were. I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

Speaking of wonderful friends, this is what I did Monday....

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I forgot to mention...

I graduated from Law School!!!

Bryan hasn't posted my other pics yet! I know my hat is backwards, I just prefer the Dracula look!

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Last Day of School

After 20 consequtive years of school, today was my last day of class. I'm not sure what to say. It hasn't really hit me that I'm done. I probably won't realize it until I'm working full-time. Do I HAVE to be a grownup?

My Mom had a tradition of taking a photo of me on my first day of school, every year. And I made sure that continued through college and law school. But I never had a definitive end, there was always more school in sight. Except today. Today was my definitive end of going to class. I know no other life than school. So I decided to document the end of this era, the way my Mom documented the beginning...with photos.

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